What's Golden Book Traveler?

GoldenBookTraveler is a blog about traveling around the world. Originally the plan was to log my 7 month trip around Europe and Africa. However, after experiencing the trip of a lifetime, a Pandora’s Box of new travel ideas has been opened!

How to Work as a Paid Divemaster10/12/2013

In life, there is no better job than one where you get paid to do what you love. I spent many hours wondering what it would be like working as a Scuba Dive Instructor. The lifestyle, scenery, and exotic locations were everything I wanted in my career. I, however, did not become a Scuba Instructor. […]


What does a Perfect Day Look Like?10/2/2013

Have you ever had that perfect outdoor day? You know, days where you’re outside at the dog park or relaxing poolside, and you feel the clam, crisp breeze on a cloudless sunny afternoon. I know I have, or at least felt I have. Sitting outside the last few days in Dallas, TX enjoying the atmosphere […]


3 Tips to Save Money at Airports9/30/2013

Air travel is the most expensive form of transportation there is. I personally try to avoid flying whenever possible. However, in some instances flying is a must. Plane tickets, baggage fees, parking fees, food, and internet add up to put a sizable dent in your wallet before even experiencing the joys of travel. However, there […]


The Best Way I Know to Learn a Foreign Language9/23/2013

As I sit with other volunteers, enjoying a fantastic traditional Malaysian dinner, I realize I cannot understand a single conversation taking place. I’ve been working in the Perhentian village now for 2 months. However, I still cannot have a simple conversation with any of the locals. Call it a case of American-itis (the in-ability to […]


10 Things I Notice after Traveling Abroad in Malaysia for a Year7/30/2013

I am currently in Marina del Rey, California. The last leg of my traveling adventure ends tomorrow. Tomorrow, I eagerly head home to friends and family in Dallas, Texas. I’ve been back in the US now for 2 days. (Feels so great to finally get away from sleeping in airports and airplanes!) Since I’ve been […]


Goodbye Malaysia7/26/2013

The time has come where I am now saying goodbye to travels of Malaysia. I knew this day would eventually come and am prepared to come back home to the United States. I spent an entire post reflecting on my travel experience here. I am not going to do another recap of the most wonderful […]


Sipadan and Friends7/25/2013

On July 10th I took my final trip to Semporna for a 4D/3N diving adventure with 3 of my awesome diving-crazy friends. (Well 2 of the 3 were diving crazy, the other one was afraid of fish, but became a born-again diving lover after the vacation. Yes I am talking about you Rina!) This was […]


Counting down the Days7/19/2013

I’ve spent just over 13 months traveling abroad on this most excellent adventure. The time has come where I will be making my way back home to the United States. ETA: July 27th 2013 Lately, I’ve been enjoying my new job as a paid Divemaster here in Kota Kinabalu. I never thought during this trip […]


30 Lessons Learned while Traveling for a Year6/26/2013

It’s almost been a year since I left the U.S for Malaysia last June. This trip is my 2nd great travel adventure. My first being the start of this blog and a 7 month whirlwind adventure tour through Europe and parts of Africa in 2010. The below passage is a collection of thoughts from my […]


WW2 Wreck Diving in Coron4/15/2013

Since returning from my one day trip in Australia on a epic fail work expedition, I’ve spent my time in the great country of Malaysia. American tourists get 90 days free of entry to Malaysia. My 3 months slowly came trickling down to the last few days before I hit the 90 day limit. Thus, […]


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