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Wedding Season6/29/2009

Wedding season is just about over. Weddings are a great way to reconnect with old friends, make new friends, and exchange travel adventures. I had a blast at the two weddings I went to this month, both on consecutive weeks. I learned about the way of life of a great many people and made some […]


Time Management: Getting Things Done!6/24/2009

Yesterday might have been one of my most productive days ever. I created a daunting list of things I wanted to accomplish and was able to complete every single one of them. Here’s the to do list I created.


Social Networking Profiles6/19/2009

I will probably make a separate page for this, but while my bog is still in beta mode here are the ways you can follow me. Facebook: Jason Boehle Linkedin: Jason Boehle Twitter: Goldentraveler


Great travel resource6/17/2009

I was doing a bit of research at the local bookstore and came across a site called Homeaway. They received rave reviews and are a MUST if you are looking for vacation traveling on the discount. I’ll definitely be using them on my travels to find some good discounts. Oh ya, and their headquarters is […]


Which cartoon character do you resemble?6/15/2009

Which cartoon character do you resemble? This morning I was the official toastmaster of my Toastmasters Club here in Austin. My responsibilities include setting the agenda, calling speakers to the podium, and choosing a theme for the meeting. The theme I choose related to cartoon characters. I asked that each of the participants tell me […]


The Most Interesting Man in the World6/9/2009

Great commercial, great ad-campaign. Can you relate to this guy?


A couple of fun sites: F My Life and Texts from Last Night6/5/2009

I know this is a bit off-topic and going against the grain for the purpose of this blog, but i do think it’s important to start your day off with a laugh. Here are two sites I get a nice LOL from to start my day. F My Life Texts From Last Night Enjoy!


Let’s Get Started!6/3/2009

What is Golden Book Traveler about? You might have had an idea of what Golden Book Traveler is about based on the theme of my page and the word “traveler” in my domain name. Yes this is a travel blog, a travel blog with a twist. In 2010 I will be traveling all over Europe […]


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