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Running Marathons in Europe8/27/2009

As an avid runner, I wanted to compile a short list of racing events to attend in Europe. I’ll stick to running, since that’s what I know. Running events don’t get nearly the publicity in the U.S like say some of the more popular cycling events, I.E. The Tour de France. However, the scenic views […]


Planes, Trains, and… Bicycles?8/26/2009

Long before the global warming crisis prompted Americans to revisit the concept of biking as an earth- friendly alternative to suitcase loaded suburban, Europeans had already adopted biking as a regular mode of transportation. With the rise of alternative vacation styles among Americans, the popularity of bike tours, or touring countries from the seat of […]


The (Un)Official Golden Book Traveler Itinerary8/24/2009

It’s finally here, a breakdown of my schedule for traveling to Europe! Keep in mind that these cities are subject to change. I’ve haven’t been updating this blog as much as I should because I’ve been working hard on research and laying out the groundwork for my travels. Without further ado, here is a list […]


10 Drugs NOT to Take Before Driving8/12/2009

I thought this was a well done video about what NOT to take to get you through those long drives in Europe. Remember to be safe on your travels and ya DON’T DO DRUGS WHILE DRIVING!


5 Reasons to Hire a Travel Agent8/10/2009

Planning your trip can be a long drawn out process and an inexact science. For example, you take 2 weeks off of your busy work schedule to go travel to Spain. Where are you going to go? Who are you going to see? Where are you going to stay? The possibilities are limitless. A travel […]


Achieving Life Changing Goals – Travel to Europe8/5/2009

Traveling to Europe This concludes the 3 parts series of Life Changing Goals. While I have completed a marathon and have achieved 100 hours of dance, my final goal I have yet to achieve. My goal is to travel to Europe for 3 months and record my adventure there. Thus the creation of this blog, […]


The Top 10 Italian Beaches and Coasts – “Beaches of Italy”8/3/2009

The Top 10 Italian Beaches and Coasts – “Beaches of Italy” The biggest problem any traveler could face when picking a destination in Italy is that there are too many great places to visit, especially beaches. Italy offers a lot of great locations to visit along its coastline that combine culture with fun in the […]


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