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Top 10 Pubs in Dublin, Ireland.9/17/2009

Visiting Dublin soon? Make sure you don’t forget to take a gander at some of the most world renowned bars in the world. The Irish love a good drink and you should kick back, relax and enjoy a few rounds with them as well. I based my criteria on atmosphere, quality of beer, pricing, history, […]


Top 10 Gadgets for Backpackers9/6/2009

I created a list of the top 10 gadgets backpackers should all carry with them when traveling. Each gadget listed provides a different functionality that adds value to your backpacking adventure. I did not list any specific brands so the onus is on you to research each product to find the best fit for your […]


Top 10 Credit Cards for Traveling Abroad9/3/2009

I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 credit cards for overseas travelers. The criteria assumes one has either good or excellent credit. Benefits, prices, and percentages can vary for people with lower credit scores. Capital One is far and away the best credit card to use for traveling. The main reason is because they […]


Top 10 Places to Ski in Switzerland9/2/2009

Switzerland is an amazing ski country defined by the majestic Swiss Alps. The winter months offer the opportunity for novice and experts skiers alike to carve up some of the finest white powder on Earth! Listed below is a breakdown of Switzerlands top 10 resorts and places to ski. These 10 locations not only represent […]


Top 10 Month9/1/2009

This month I want to do everything Top 10 related to European Travel. I’ll be posting various Top 10 lists for the full month of September. Hang on, cause here they come!


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