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Quick update1/30/2010

Hey all I haven’t updated this blog for a bit as I have been busy living and traveling. I’m currently in London, just got in today. The city is massive and I have a long day a head of me tomorrow. I’ll update previous expereinces in other cities when I get around to it. Hopefully […]


Where is the real tomb of Christopher Colombus?1/18/2010

Today I had the pleasure of visiting the Seville Cathedral, home of the tomb of Christopher Columbus. The cathedral is an amazing display of Spanish architecture and the crown jewel of Seville. However, I am not so sure what I saw was the actual tomb of the great explorer Christopher Columbus. Here are some pictures […]


Throw Away the Map and just GO!1/17/2010

I arrived in Seville, Spain today. Sick, cold, tired, hungry, and frustrated are a few of the mild adjectives I’d use to describe my state of mind at the time. Excited, maybe a little, but my mind and body ached. I had planned on staying in a hostel but LIFE had a different plan. I […]


What its like in Granada1/16/2010

Granada is one of those cities I knew nothing about before I arrived. All I knew was that I had to go. I’m starting to realize that so much of my travel experience is directly related to my experience in the hostel. I created all these wonderful, elaborate hour by hour travel plans. It seems […]


Loving Madrid1/14/2010

I’m sitting in the lobby of my hostel killing time in Madrid, awaiting my 5:00 train to Granada. Madrid was absolutely spectacular and an amazing experience. I enjoyed many of the events I did , but what really made this trip was the people I met along the way. I met so many different people […]


First item dropped from backpack1/7/2010

Tomorrow I´ll be leaving Lisbon to Madrid, which means I have to pack up my backpack again. I decided to drop my Merkur Travel Razor. The reason I brought this razor with me was because it was the only TSA approved hand-held razor I could find on the market. Normally I wouldn´t post something that […]


King of the Castle, Barrio Alto, and Meeting People from Austin1/7/2010

These last few days have been mind blowing. I´m convinced Lisbon is one of the most underrated cities in the world to visit! The seafood for one is 2nd to none. Here is an example of what I´ve been eating. The fish is both amazing and cheap. That meal was under 10 euros total. Barrio […]



Finally in europe! Im typing this from my hostel at 4 am in the morning as I have been unable to sleep bascially sent I came here. This Portugese keyboard is driving me crazy. Does anyone know how to access the at symbol on their keyboard? Im staying at what hostel world ranked as the […]


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