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Schedule Update – Eastern Europe3/19/2010

I’m currently in Venice, Italy enjoying this modern day water world. My original plans involved about 3 months of traveling. Due to unforseen travel experiences, I’ve decided to add another month of traveling to the schedule. The places I added are all in Eastern Europe. I’ve heard many of stories and great information about the […]


Lost v2.0 – The Prague Sequel3/3/2010

Imagine begin dropped off in the middle of a city square, alone. Your surronded by people, but they don’t speak your language. You have no map, no compass, no phone, and no idea where to go next. It is night time. Your mission: Find your hotel without ANYONE knowing where it’s at! That was my […]


In Berlin I believe3/2/2010

Some cities fail to impress and live up to the hype, some cities are under-hyped, others are hyped and deliver beyond your expecations. I heard many great things about Berlin, but did not expect the city to live up to my lofty expectations. It starts with the living quarters. In my case the hostel, Wombats […]


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