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Plitvice Lakes: The Crown Jewel of Croatia2/23/2011

A trip to Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia stimulated my imagination and warmed my heart. I’ve never seen such a well preserved, harmonious natural park. The tranquility and beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage Site enhanced my travel experience by providing me the opportunity to bear witness to a stunning Mother Nature creation. I […]


My Swedish Valentine’s Day Experience2/14/2011

Happy Valentines Day! The below story took place last year around Valentine’s Day in Stockholm, Sweden. I wrote this passage originally for my forthcoming 70 Vacations in 7 Months E-Book, but decided to use as a special Valentine’s Day post instead. Enjoy! Arriving in Stockholm on a frigid, blistering cold late February afternoon, my heart […]


More SXSW 2011 News2/9/2011

I’ve been spending most of my writing energy filling up my Golden E-Book, set to be released on March 13th at SXSW 2011. The name will be 70 Vacations in 7 Months. Speaking of which, (pun intended), my presentation is set for Sunday, March 13th at 12:30 PM, How to Make Money Traveling Around the […]


Cairo Chaos: My Chatoic Story in Cario, Egypt2/4/2011

100 Posts! Currently, the front page of Yahoo News reads Cairo square chaos intensifies, violence spreads. Unless you just woke up from a long coma or, well, you live in an internet-less Egypt, the city has experienced violent protests in recent days. Cairo chaos reigns! The country is furious at the current state of leadership […]


How to Experience a Great Turkish Bath2/1/2011

The stresses, pains, and restlessness of travel can take a toll on the body. Every now and then a good old fashion massage is needed to help relax and work the knots out of tense muscles. I arrived in Istanbul, Turkey (the first time) in early June. I heard about the experience of a Turkish […]


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