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A Tourist Guide to Visiting the Perhentian Islands10/26/2012

I’ve been in Perhentian now for close to 5 months. During my time I’ve lived like a local and a tourist. I’ve seen many people come and go in the village, with each individual leaving their stamp on this volunteer project. In addition, I’ve also stayed in a resort, experiencing the good life as a […]


Jungle Trekking in Taman Negara10/19/2012

The Ecoteer Team visited the beautiful Taman Negara for a 3 day- 2 night Jungle Trek. We teamed with MyCat to help clear the jungle of animal traps and to record animal activity in the area. MyCat is a non-profit agency dedicated to stopping animal poaching. They record and destroy any animal traps as well […]


A Wonderful Day Snorkeling10/12/2012

Sometimes we have days that we look back on and say,”That was a defining moment in my life”. Those are the days we look back on over a cup of coffee with old buddies, and begin with,”Remember that time…”. One of those days for me took place on September 5 2012. The ambassadors The kids, […]


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