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My Top 10 Funniest Videos on the Internet1/23/2013

Once a year, an American football game takes a back seat to the creative world of television advertising.The Superbowl draws in over 100 million eye balls every year. (111.3 million according to the numbers from last year). This year the going rate for a 30-second commercial during the Superbowl is 3.5 million! A brand has […]


Banned from Australia1/16/2013

Where to begin? Ok I’ll start with my arrival from Bali, Indonesia to Perth. I arrived in Australia with the intention of exploring the city and finding a bit of work. I was looking forward to trying out some labor-intensive work. Picking mangos, farm work, and other labor related jobs pay anywhere from $18 – […]


Komodo Scuba Diving Trip1/8/2013

The most epic scuba diving trip I’ve ever experienced ended yesterday. I went through so many emotions through the entire trip, some good, some bad. However, I am left with an awe-inspiring adventure that helps me appreciate the true beauty of underwater life. I booked the Komodo 6 day live aboard scuba diving trip through […]


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