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Quick update1/30/2010

Hey all I haven’t updated this blog for a bit as I have been busy living and traveling. I’m currently in London, just got in today. The city is massive and I have a long day a head of me tomorrow. I’ll update previous expereinces in other cities when I get around to it. Hopefully […]


Schedule Updated12/26/2009

In preparation for my trip, I have made a final adjustment to my schedule. To view, click on the schedule tab at the top of the website.


Social Networking Profiles6/19/2009

I will probably make a separate page for this, but while my bog is still in beta mode here are the ways you can follow me. Facebook: Jason Boehle Linkedin: Jason Boehle Twitter: Goldentraveler


Let’s Get Started!6/3/2009

What is Golden Book Traveler about? You might have had an idea of what Golden Book Traveler is about based on the theme of my page and the word “traveler” in my domain name. Yes this is a travel blog, a travel blog with a twist. In 2010 I will be traveling all over Europe […]



Welcome to GoldenBook Traveler! I hope this blog can be a valuable resource for you as you embark on future adventures. Stay tuned!


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