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A Collection of Venice Bridges from Italy1/5/2011

Venice, Italy is full of beautiful, romantic, scenic, bridges leading across numerous canals and allies, providing stunning photographic opportunities. I spent a total of 4 days in Venice, Italy exploring the ins and outs of the canal city. Venice displays some of the largest collection of bridges in the world. There are large bridges, medium […]


The Extraordinary Ruins of Pompeii12/10/2010

I mention in previous posts that I’m not a big fan of guided tours. Let’s make an exception for the ancient city of Pompeii. Pompeii is so big and vast, I highly recommend a guide to show you around the place. You won’t be disappointed! Pompeii was buried by the catastrophic, volcanic eruption of Mt. […]


Florence’s Most Famous Statue12/1/2010

My single most favorite European artwork is the Statue of David located in Florence, Italy. Built in 1501 by master sculptor Michelangelo, the Statue of David is truly an awe inspiring masterpiece. I was mesmerized at the height and fine craftsmanship of this priceless piece of art. The David Statue stands at over 17 feet […]


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