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What does a Perfect Day Look Like?10/2/2013

Have you ever had that perfect outdoor day? You know, days where you’re outside at the dog park or relaxing poolside, and you feel the clam, crisp breeze on a cloudless sunny afternoon. I know I have, or at least felt I have. Sitting outside the last few days in Dallas, TX enjoying the atmosphere […]


30 Lessons Learned while Traveling for a Year6/26/2013

It’s almost been a year since I left the U.S for Malaysia last June. This trip is my 2nd great travel adventure. My first being the start of this blog and a 7 month whirlwind adventure tour through Europe and parts of Africa in 2010. The below passage is a collection of thoughts from my […]


Doing What Makes You Money vs. Doing What you Love9/2/2012

I’ve experienced many different beliefs about money in my life. As a young budding entrepreneur money was everything. I did not believe the old saying, “Money doesn’t buy you happiness”. To me, material wealth meant living the lifestyle I always dreamed. Fast cars, hot women, an exploding bank account, and people coming up to me […]


New Years Goals and Resolutions12/29/2010

New years is just around the corner. What are your goals? Do you want to travel more, lose weight, make more money, or just live in a perpetual state of happiness? Goal setting should be done on a more regular basis. However, if you designate one time of year to make those everlasting changes, New […]


Where have all the Lemonade Stands Gone?12/2/2010

As a kid, part of my early education growing up was opening up a lemonade stand and selling lemonade to the neighbors. I recruited my friends, spent 15-30 minutes making the lemonade, and sold that sweet drink during the hottest of summer days. The location I choose was just outside my parents house. We had […]


Achieving Life Changing Goals – Travel to Europe8/5/2009

Traveling to Europe This concludes the 3 parts series of Life Changing Goals. While I have completed a marathon and have achieved 100 hours of dance, my final goal I have yet to achieve. My goal is to travel to Europe for 3 months and record my adventure there. Thus the creation of this blog, […]


Achieving Life Changing Goals – Hip Hop Dance7/30/2009

Part 2/3 of The Life Changing Goals Series. 100 hours of Dance! I was always envious of the people who could effortlessly go out on the dance floor and groove the night away. Instead of trying to learn the various art forms of dance, I stayed on the sideline, and left the dancing to the […]


Achieving Life Changing Goals – The Austin Marathon7/29/2009

I’ve decided to write a 3 part series on some life changing goals of mine. These are goals I created for myself that seemed at first insurmountable, but later became a reality through hard work and determination. I accomplished two out of the three goals this year, with one more left. (More on that one […]


Time Management: Getting Things Done!6/24/2009

Yesterday might have been one of my most productive days ever. I created a daunting list of things I wanted to accomplish and was able to complete every single one of them. Here’s the to do list I created.


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