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What are the Wikileaks Diplomatic Cables?12/6/2010

On November 28th the largest collection of U.S. secret documents was released to the public. The embassy cables contain information on U.S. foreign policy. Let me preface this post by stalling….OK here at Golden Book Traveler I give you facts and stories, usually relating to travel. I have the right to express my opinion on […]


Cool Travel Site11/17/2010

A friend of mine emailed me an awesome new travel site last week. Escape The City Escape the City has about 20k members at the moment, and growing. The greatest feature of this site is the opportunities section. Employers post volunteer type jobs that give travelers amazing opportunities to work from exotic locations. Highly recommend […]


New Camera!10/21/2009

So I finally spent some money and invested in a brand new Rebel T1i Digital SLR camera. This thing is truly a beast and am just ow learning some of the many functions. Here is a picture: I purchased the EF-5 18-55mm lens with the camera for a total price of just under $900. I’ve […]


10 Drugs NOT to Take Before Driving8/12/2009

I thought this was a well done video about what NOT to take to get you through those long drives in Europe. Remember to be safe on your travels and ya DON’T DO DRUGS WHILE DRIVING!


Nice Mapping Game7/30/2009

Wanna know your states better?


New Theme!7/21/2009

The Golden Book Traveler new theme layout is here! We’re still working on a mapping plugin and a picture sorter plugin thatwill enhance the experince of the visitor. I’ll be posting much more now that everything is just about ready to go. Enjoy!


Wedding Season6/29/2009

Wedding season is just about over. Weddings are a great way to reconnect with old friends, make new friends, and exchange travel adventures. I had a blast at the two weddings I went to this month, both on consecutive weeks. I learned about the way of life of a great many people and made some […]


Which cartoon character do you resemble?6/15/2009

Which cartoon character do you resemble? This morning I was the official toastmaster of my Toastmasters Club here in Austin. My responsibilities include setting the agenda, calling speakers to the podium, and choosing a theme for the meeting. The theme I choose related to cartoon characters. I asked that each of the participants tell me […]


The Most Interesting Man in the World6/9/2009

Great commercial, great ad-campaign. Can you relate to this guy?


A couple of fun sites: F My Life and Texts from Last Night6/5/2009

I know this is a bit off-topic and going against the grain for the purpose of this blog, but i do think it’s important to start your day off with a laugh. Here are two sites I get a nice LOL from to start my day. F My Life Texts From Last Night Enjoy!


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