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Konya: The Bible Belt of Turkey3/11/2011

Konya is one of Turkeys largest and most conservative cities. I visited Konya on my way to Dalyan for a couple of days to experience suburban Turkish lifestyle. I think I received a better understand of Turkish lifestyle in Konya than anywhere else. I really enjoyed walking the streets of Konya observing the people. The […]


How to Experience a Great Turkish Bath2/1/2011

The stresses, pains, and restlessness of travel can take a toll on the body. Every now and then a good old fashion massage is needed to help relax and work the knots out of tense muscles. I arrived in Istanbul, Turkey (the first time) in early June. I heard about the experience of a Turkish […]


Caveman Living and The Adventures of Cappadocia12/28/2010

I officially became a caveman when I arrived in Cappadocia, Turkey. Cappadocia is located almost smack-dab in the middle of Turkey. There are no snow covered mountains, sandy beaches, large water sources, or thriving trees to keep you cool during the middle of July. However, Cappadocia’s caves provide an opportunity for exploration, sight seeing and […]


A Turkish Blues Cruise12/13/2010

I spent almost two months in the great country of Turkey, ending on Aug. 3rd of this year. One of my greatest memories from that trip is the Blues Cruise from Fethiye to Olympos. The Blue Cruise is a cheap way to charter a small yacht for 4 days/3nights and sail the Mediterranean Sea. (I […]


The Legend of Troy11/29/2010

Upon arriving in the great country of Turkey, one of the cities I really wanted to visit was Troy. Many epic poems, (Homer’s The Illiad and Odyssey), scrolls, paintings, stories, and movies have captured the imagination of this legendary city. Troy is located in the northwest corner of Turkey, built originally as a strategic location […]


Baklava- The Sweetest Treat in Turkey10/26/2009

The origin of baklava is hard to pin point. Comprised of a harmonious conglomeration of nuts, honey, spices, and phyllo dough, baklava is an important part of Turkish culture. Most travelers concur that one of the best countries to try this favorite treat is in Turkey. To help navigate through the numerous bakeries and eateries, […]


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