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Blackout Week7/29/2012

I recently returned from a trip from Denver, Colorado with my Explore Austin group. During this time we spent time rock climbing, repelling, bouldering, hiking, biking, and fun team building activities with the kids 10k feet up in the Rocky Mountains. My experience was one of complete immersion, as I was completely distraction free. I […]


What in the World I’ve Been Doing11/13/2011

I’ll admit. It’s been quite some time since I’ve done my last update, almost 8 months to be exact. During that time I have not done much traveling. I took a couple of business trips to New York and San Francisco, but I do not consider those Golden Book Traveler material. I’ve settled back into […]


Off to Dallas, Texas11/24/2010

I’m heading on a small road trip to Dallas for the holidays. I get the opportunity to have home cooked meals and visit with the family. Not a bad deal! I am very blessed to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with those I care about. I was born in this city and visit frequent. however, […]


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