Bulgaria: The Cheapest Beer in All of Europe12/4/2010


Arriving in Varna, Bulgaria on a mid-summer afternoon, I was unprepared for what the next week lay in store for me. I just finished a 3 week tour of the majestic Romania and was looking for a place to hang out with other travelers.

I decided to check into a Varna party hostel to spend some time enjoying the travel lifestyle along the Black Sea coast. I planned on staying in Varna for 3 days. I ended up crashing here for an entire week.

The party hostel experience is one that every young traveler needs to try at least once.

Up to this point, I had stayed in one youth party hostel at the beginning of my trip in Barcelona, Spain. I understood the atmosphere of such places. Sights and attractions take a back seat to ultra lounges and pub crawls. Chronic sleep deprivation extends throughout your entire stay at the hostel. All of this I was prepared for.

Barcelona’s party scene is off the charts, but prices became so expensive that most travelers can’t afford to blow wads of cash on alcohol infused nights out.

This isn’t the case in Varna. The cheapest beer in all of Europe makes for one mind-numbing, grab a singing stranger around the shoulder, “alcoholic eden” experience!

How cheap is beer in Bulgaria?

A two liter plastic bottle of local beer costs the equivalent of 1 Euro, or about $1.20 USD.


Two of those bottles and you have just consumed over a gallon of beer (1.05 gallons to be exact) for under $2.50! Cheap beer on a coastal resort town with “try anything” travelers and you folks have the perfect concoction for a devastating party scene.

The drinks at the bar were a bit more expensive, but not by much. I think I had so much beer in Varna that it became my “non-alcoholic” drink of choice while mixed drinks and tequila shots reminded me how much easier beer was on the stomach.

In addition, every night Varna had some sort of party event going on, and I mean EVERY SINGLE night!

Pub Crawls 3-4x a week, foam parties 2x a week, and huge bar extravaganzas occurred during all summer nights. As if paying $1.20 for a 2 liter bottle of beer was shockingly expensive, most of these events offered free drinks in the early stages of the party.

This isn’t even including the events my hostel put on, which is a completely different story. I outlined some of the shenanigans on this post, X-Hostel party hostel, representing one of my favorite hostels of all time.

7 nights in Bulgaria and I spent about $100 for the entire trip. Party all night in Golden Sands, sleep all day on the beach, rinse, wash, REPEAT. All this heavy partying takes a toll. You might think that I didn’t have much gas left in the tank to do other things like….

The Cheapest Bungee Jump in Europe

I was inspired to spend my money in Varna on things I wouldn’t normally wouldn’t spend my money on. That was my first ever bungee. Cheap beer really makes the world go round!

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