What's Golden Book Traveler?

GoldenBookTraveler is a blog about traveling around the world. Originally the plan was to log my 7 month trip around Europe and Africa. However, after experiencing the trip of a lifetime, a Pandora’s Box of new travel ideas has been opened!

Cavern Diving in Sipadan3/29/2013

I visited Semporna to dive the world famous Sipadan Island for the first 4 weeks ago. I was foaming at the mouth to get a second opportunity to dive in this oceanic paradise. I remember on my first excursion, we briefly went inside a location called the Turtle Tomb. (Named because of the bones of […]


Diving the World’s Best Dive Site: Sipadan Island3/6/2013

Im sitting here in my hotel room in Semporna, Malaysia relaxing after a mesmerizing 2 days diving Sipadan Island and surrounding islands. I am supposed to be diving Sipadan again today, however a rebel group of Filipino nationals caused a national ruckus yesterday in the nearby village town of Lahad Datu, promoting the government to […]


The Kinabatangan River Cruise in Sandakan3/4/2013

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take a trip out to Sandakan for a bit of adventure and exploration. I really didn’t have any booked plans. I read about some famous sites like the Orangutan Sanctuary and a river cruise online. A 5 hour bus trip later, I arrived in the small downtown […]


Visiting Pulau Tiga “Survivor Island”3/4/2013

I visited Pulau Tiga last month for a 2D/1N dive trip. The experience is one I will not soon forget. Pulua Tiga is the sight of Season 1 of Survivor. The island also goes by the name of Survivor Island, presumably to attract more tourists. The beauty of this place is tremendous. Macau Monkeys inhabit […]


One Day in Thailand2/5/2013

One Day in Thailand To this point I’ve spent my entire trip in two countries, Indonesia and Malaysia: EXCEPT for a day in an Australian refugee camp, 6 days in Colorado, and one fine day in Thailand. I worked in the Perhentian Islands from June until October 2012 without a working visa. In order to […]


GoldenbookTraveler Commercials2/2/2013

In preparation for the Superbowl, I have the official Goldenbooktraveler commercials! To this point I have no advertisements and have not spent a dime advertising my site anywhere. I decided to come up with a unique way of promoting Goldenbooktraveler.com. My budget is $50. I paid 10 people from around the world $5 each to […]


My Top 10 Funniest Videos on the Internet1/23/2013

Once a year, an American football game takes a back seat to the creative world of television advertising.The Superbowl draws in over 100 million eye balls every year. (111.3 million according to the numbers from last year). This year the going rate for a 30-second commercial during the Superbowl is 3.5 million! A brand has […]


Banned from Australia1/16/2013

Where to begin? Ok I’ll start with my arrival from Bali, Indonesia to Perth. I arrived in Australia with the intention of exploring the city and finding a bit of work. I was looking forward to trying out some labor-intensive work. Picking mangos, farm work, and other labor related jobs pay anywhere from $18 – […]


Komodo Scuba Diving Trip1/8/2013

The most epic scuba diving trip I’ve ever experienced ended yesterday. I went through so many emotions through the entire trip, some good, some bad. However, I am left with an awe-inspiring adventure that helps me appreciate the true beauty of underwater life. I booked the Komodo 6 day live aboard scuba diving trip through […]



As I write this I am currently in Labuan Bajo on the island of Flores. (I left Bali early this morning). I’m super excited to conclude my Indonesian trip by hoping aboard a yacht and spending 6 days scuba diving around the islands here. However, first the experience that was Bali! I arrived on the […]


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