Top 10 Favorite Videos from Euro Trip 20109/21/2010

Here are my top 10 favorite videos from my 7 month trip through Europe and Africa. I sorted through over 200+ Videos to come up with these.

I filmed using a Canon Powershot S90 Digital Camera. The quality isn’t top notch by any means but the camera did the job.

Without further ado, here are my top 10!

1. Bungee Jumping in Varna, Bulgaria

OMG! The scariest thing I have ever done was this bungee jump. I had never bungee jumped before. I was actually supposed to go a few days before but there was “equipment issues”. To say the least I was terrified. However, I rate this video number 1 for that very reason. If you turn the volume up you can hear my girly screams of horror.

2. Skydiving in Cape Town, South Africa

Another first for me. Sky diving with the backdrop of my favorite city in the world, Cape Town, was an absolutely blissful experience. I found sky diving less terrifying than the bungee jump. I really enjoyed that 25 seconds of pure free fall and the slow decent down to the ground. Truly a special experience.

3. World Cup 2010 Outside Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa

Ummm, wow! This was before the match between South Africa and Uruguay. South Africa just tied Mexico a few days before. The anticipation was through the roof, the atmosphere to say the least was electric. Tesla himself would have been amazed! I’ve never experienced a vibe at a sporting event anything close to what I experienced this day. The locals, untied, and excited as can be before the event of a lifetime.

4. Riding a Camel to the Pyramids of Giza in Cario, Egypt

A camel through the last Original Wonder of the World?! Incredible. My camel, Mickey Mouse, was very friendly and cooperative throughout the whole experience. I’ll never forget the intense heat, flies, and actually getting to touch the infamous Pyramids of Egypt in the Sahara Desert. My guide did a great job of filming and taking pictures throughout the adventure.

5. Funny German Guy in Copenhagen, Denmark

I laugh just thinking about this German guy. I met him in the hostel I was staying at in Copenhagen. I felt like I was entering his home as he had been there for a few months. The guy carried around a Chuck Norris Book of Facts like it was his bible! Suffice to say, as I am from Texas, we got along quite well. Funniest dude I’ve ever met.

6. Giovanni singing and playing his guitar for us in Naples, Italy

Giovanni, the owner of the hostel bearing his name, treated us like we were part of his family. Once, sometimes twice a week, he cooked all of the travelers dinner. The experience was quite memorable. After dinner he would play on his guitar American and Italian classics. The group participates by singing along to Giovanni’s songs.

7. A Sunset in Makarska, Croatia

The sunset in Makarska was absolutely stunning. A site not visited much by travelers, the rocky beaches of Makarska creates a relaxing, peaceful setting. I loved the experience I received on this little coastal splendor.

8. Dancing at a Club in Santorini, Greece

Oh man, thank god I was the one behind the camera! I filmed this in a night club on the island of Santorini. The season was still very early and the 10 of us represented the largest young group on the island at the time. Met some travelers in Athens and together we all traveled to Santorini. Great experience, great people.

9. Cruising on a Quad around Santorini, Greece

Santorini was quite the memorable experience. My first true vacation during my 7 month long trip, after spending the first 3 months looking at buildings and various old architecture. The ride up to old Mt. Thera was quite breath taking. Climbing higher and higher I was granted a spectacular view of mother nature at her finest. The quad, although slow, was the best way to view the many ancient wonders of Santorini, in my opinion.

10. An Intense Chess Match in Sarajevo, Bosnia

The locals playing chess on the streets of Sarajevo peaked my interest. Many people participated by giving move recommendations to the players. My only regret on this footage was that I didn’t film for very long. The match was intense!

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  1. Amanda Hoivik says:

    Amazing cousin Jason!!!!!

  2. Great videos. Loved the skydiving video. Looked like a lot of fun.

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