Visit New York – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about New York City, USA

Visiting the Big Apple of New York City Can Be Amazing or Something Besides Amazing. Here we go through the best and the worst of visiting New York City. From the I LOVE NYC Shirt crowd to the amazing culture and food, to the toilets that make you not want to go to the bathroom and smells that remind you of your junior high cafeteria 20 years ago. The 5 Things you Will Love & Hate about Visiting New York City!
Filmed on Ellis Island, USA
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016
The Hates of New York City
#1. The random nasty smells that New York sometimes produces.
#3. Your Subway Experience – the subway goes everywhere in New York and that is awesome, however the crowded rush hour traffic, the interesting people and mistaking a local and an express train can make it for a bit of a headache.
#4. Your Sidewalk Experience. Make sure you step to the side when you want to take pictures in NYC. Otherwise be prepared to be bowled over by locals, tourists and any number of random things.
#5. The lack of clean public toilets… just make sure you use the toilet before you leave the hotel and if you really need a toilet the museums tend to have decent public toilets.

The Loves of New York City
#1. Exploring and Wandering New York – from seeing the Empire State Building for the first time to strolling Central Park and Brooklyn there is so much to enjoy just walking around and enjoying New York.
#2. The amount of cultural opportunities New York has – from world class museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the American Museum of Natural History to the Museum of Modern Art and Ellis Island, New York and around has a number of cultural outings for all types of travelers.
#3. The New York-isms – from having a slice of NYC pizza to bagels at a diner to a deli lunch to the crazy people screaming and the iconic sights, New York is so… New York and you will love it!
#4. The Diversity and Multiculturalism of New York City. From the numerous neighborhoods, restaurants and bodegas to the languages, foods and fun, there is something from everywhere and for everyone in New York.
#5. The New Yorkers – though they get a bad rap, the people of New York really are great and can be one of the most enjoyable and surprising parts of visiting New York City.
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