America’s Oldest Restaurant!! ? OYSTER BAR + CLAM CHOWDER!! | Union Oyster House, Boston!

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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – Welcome to Boston and one of the restaurants I was most looking forward to eating at was the Union Oyster House – the oldest continually running restaurant in the United States! They are known for their oyster bar and New England style seafood. In this video we’re getting a first hand look at Union Oyster House, the back end kitchen, and the legendary oyster bar!

First of all, I love the old building that actually dates back to way before Union Oyster House opened. There are so many stories that have come out of the amazing building. Union Oyster House opened in 1826, and when you arrive it’s a total step back in time, a living museum that’s a restaurant.

As you enter Union Oyster House, probably my favorite part of the entire restaurant is the oyster bar, which is the original oyster bar. It wasn’t a seating oyster bar, but rather a leaning oyster bar. And it happened to be a favorite of Daniel Webster who would lean at the bar and eat no fewer than 6 dozen oysters. The oysters were phenomenal, so fresh and local, and with a squeeze of lemon and a swipe of horseradish and cocktail sauce. It was some of the best cocktail sauce I’ve ever had.

After taking a full tour of the restaurant we then sat down for a full meal including clam chowder, more oysters, broiled haddock, shrimp with a tomato pesto sauce, and one of my favorite dishes, mussels in white wine, garlic and garlic. The food was fresh and local and prepared in classic New England style. The clam chowder is one of the best I’ve ever had.

Union Oyster House is an iconic restaurant, it has unparalleled history in the United States, and food is quite delicious – especially the oysters and the clam chowder! When you’re in Boston, for both food and history lovers, it’s a must.



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