Mexican Street Food!! ? Giant BACON WRAPPED BURRITO + Tostilocos!!

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TUCSON, ARIZONA – Tucson, Arizona is one of the great Mexican food cities of the United States, especially for Sonoran Mexican food. Today, we’re going to a place that specializes in a huge burrito, filled with grilled steak, and fully wrapped in bacon! Delicious, or too much? Let’s go try it!

? Percheron Mexican Grill ( Price – About $12 per burrito – Percheron Mexican Grill is known for their percheron, a type of giant burrito that’s known from Hermosillo which includes a huge flour tortilla filled with carne asada, cheese, and avocado. But at Tucson’s Percheron Mexican Grill, they take the percheron to the next level by wrapping it in bacon fully, and searing off the bacon on a hot griddle before you’re served. At first, I was thinking it might be over the top, and just too much of a good thing. But taking my first bite, I knew it wasn’t hype, it’s the real deal. Somehow the bacon isn’t overpowering or even too rich, it just provides the ultimate burrito wrapping. Incredibly tasty, a must when you’re in Tucson, Arizona.

? Elotes el Fridas ( – Price – $5 – Next up on this Mexican street food tour in Tucson, Carlos and I headed over to Elotes el Fridas to eat elotes, corn on the cob dressed in Mexican cream, mayo, and cheese, with self seasoning of salsas. It was great, the corn was sweet and delicious.

? Marymar Raspados ( – Finally to finish off this Mexican food tour of Tucson, we headed over to Marymar Raspados to eat a variety of fruits and drinks, super sweet and dressed in chamoy. It was a great sweet way to end this amazing day of bacon wrapped burritos in Tucson!



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