World’s CRAZIEST Meal – Alchemist – SOLD OUT in 3 MINUTES (Rasmus Munk)

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Thank you to my friend Jeffrey ( for inviting me to dinner at Alchemist, a once in a lifetime eating experience. Jeffrey is an amazing friend of mine, and we meet up from time to time in various cities to eat. If you’re ever in LA, go check out Jeffrey’s amazing deli and wine bar:

World’s Most Travelled Hotdog Stand – But first, before we had dinner at Alchemist, we pre-gamed with some hotdogs for social change, at the World’s Most Travelled Hotdog Stand. The hotdogs were outstanding and a great way to spend our afternoon. #Copenhagen #Alchemist #Food

Alchemist ( – When Chef Rasmus Munk opened reservation for 3 months at a time, it SOLD OUT in 3 minutes! It’s one of the hardest restaurants in the world to make a reservation, and that’s because it’s one of the most insane, thought provoking, creative, and full rounded dining experiences you can have in the world. It was not just a meal, but an entire journey, a meal with a message behind every dish.

50 courses – Although many were just a single bite, there were 50 different course tasting, and the meal lasted 5 ½ hours. We journeyed from room to room, each with its own unique design, artwork, and theme.

Chef Rasmus Munk ( is a creative genius, a deep thinker, and an activist, who expresses his mind and thoughts through delicious food. Thank you to Chef Rasmus Munk for having us and for being so welcoming and cool!

Thank you also to Visit Copenhagen ( for supporting my trip to Copenhagen, Denmark.



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