WOW! Flaming Pork Belly on a Hot Stone! (Day 20)

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On Day 20 of our food trip to South Korea, we spent the day in Jeonju. After walking around the Hanok village a little more, we ate lunch, and then had an outstanding dinner at a restaurant called Marubul Restaurant (마루벌돌구이), that serves samgyeopsal (pork belly bbq) on a hot stone and lights it on fire!

00:25 Holly’s Coffee – 4,100 Won ($3.46) – Ying and I started off the day with a cup of coffee at the Korean coffee chain called Holly’s Coffee. Pretty good place and really nice place to sit.

00:52 Dawoorang Dumpling – 6,000 Won ($5.06) for plate – “Containing all of the happiness and attention dumplings!” – I really wanted to try the dumplings at Dawoorang Dumpling within the hanok village of Joenju, so we walked over there and had some mandoo dumplings. They indeed were pretty delicious.

2:52 Veteran (베테랑분식) Restaurant, Price – 6,000 Won ($5.06) per bowl – For lunch we ate at a Korean noodle restaurant in the Hanok village known as Veteran (베테랑분식) Restaurant. I thought the food was average, nothing very good, but it is a very well known popular restaurant and a budget place to eat when you’re exploring the Hanok village in Jeonju.

7:47 Jeonju Zoo – 1,300 Won ($1.10) – In order to just spend a little bit of time prior to eating dinner we walked around the Jeonju Zoo, which is more like a big park. It’s a nice place to take a walk.

9:31 Flaming pork belly bbq at Marubul Restaurant (마루벌돌구이) – One of the most beloved Korean foods is samgyeopsal, or pork belly which is often barbecued. At Marubul Restaurant (마루벌돌구이) in Jeonju they take things to the next level and grill your samgyeopsal on a hot stone in front of you. When the meat has been cooked they douse on some alcohol and light it on fire so it goes up in a flaming bbq of fire. The result is wonderful, crispy and fatty pieces of pork belly, all wrapped up with lettuce wraps. Total price for 4 – 66,000 Won ($55.63).

It was a fantastic day, the pork belly bbq was the highlight!

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Disclaimer: My trip to Jeonju was sponsored by the Jeonbuk Centre for International Affairs, but all videos, thoughts, and opinions are my own.

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