How 7,000 Servings of Egg Bhurji Are Made Every Day In Mumbai, India | Big Batches | Food Insider

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Pav Bhaji and Bhurji Center is a famous street-food stall in Mumbai, India, that serves an enormous scrambled-egg dish known as egg bhurji. Each batch is made using a whopping 200 eggs, with up to 10 batches made per day — that’s 2,000 eggs.

We visited Pav Bhaji and Bhurji Center to see how this dish is made and just what it takes to make such big batches.

Editor’s Note: The cinematographer’s name was incorrect in the end credits. Credit goes to Kedar Sonigra.

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How 7,000 Servings of Egg Bhurji Are Made Every Day In Mumbai, India | Big Batches | Food Insider

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