Rastafari Village Food 🇯🇲 100% ITAL FOOD + Jamaican Herb Tour 🌿 with Rasta I-Win!

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Rastafari Indigenous Village – Montego Bay, Jamaica – Today we met up with I-Win at the Rastafari Indigenous Village near Montego Bay, Jamaica. I-Win took us on a tour of the village, where we toured the Jamaican herb garden, and he eventually made some amazing Ital vegan Jamaican food. #Ital #Jamaica #JamaicanFood

What is Ital Food:

Ital (comes from the word Vital) – Rastafari food, usually plant based, low salt, emphasis and natural.

The Rastafari Indigenous Village is set up for tours – but I think what made it really worthwhile for me, was I-Win himself – who is one of the chillies, nicest, and most relaxed Chefs out there. When we arrived, we had a nice tour of the gardens and fruit trees, and the Rastafari natural approach to food and medicine.

We then took a tour through the herb farm where they were growing everything needed to make Jamaican Ital vegan food. Loved the garden. And we also picked ackee fruit – one of the national foods of Jamaica, but poison if it doesn’t crack open on its own.

I-Wil cooked ackee stew with vegetables and coconut milk, pigeon peas stew, and fried breadfruit and bammy. Lunch was delicious, refreshing, healthy, and pure Ital vegan.

We also had a few favorite Rasta drinks – like chocolate tea – a combination of freshly ground chocolate and coconut milk, and fresh sugar cane juice with ginger.

I had a fun time, and really enjoyed the food!

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