New Law Could Wreck Every Industry In The Nation

Food & Drink

Here’s a battle with national consequences. Last year California enacted a sweeping law that amounts to a virtual takeover of most of the state’s fast-food industry. A new, ten member council would have the power to set wages, benefits and working conditions for upwards of 500,000 restaurant workers.

This is a prime example of modern socialism. Governments don’t need to nationalize businesses; they can effectively control private businesses through extensive regulation.

This segment of What’s Ahead tells you why this move has national implications. If California gets away with this de facto takeover of the fast-food industry, other governments—including Washington—can do the same with other enterprises and industries.

Also discussed is the Golden State’s attempt to make an end run around its own constitution concerning a proposed referendum on the issue.

Ultimately, the Supreme Court will have to shut off these egregious, unconstitutional power grabs.

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