Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: The Finest Milk Chocolate Truffles From Around The World

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Everyone claims to love dark chocolate as it’s considered healthier and more sophisticated but secretly milk chocolate is what most people prefer and surveys do prove this. Chocolate truffles are the most decadent treat so here are twelve excellent milk chocolate Valentine’s Day gifts from around the world.

1.Charbonnel & Walker, Gold Milk Sea Salt Caramel Selection,£58.00

Founded in 1875, Charbonnel & Walker is one of Britain’s first chocolatiers. The Gold Milk Sea Salt Caramel Selection includes all the signature Milk Sea Salt Caramel flavors. This beautiful gold gift box contains, Milk Sea Salt Caramel Truffles, Praline Sea Salt Truffles and decadent Milk Sea Salt Billionaire’s Shortbread Truffles.

2.Vosges Haut Chocolates, Milk Chocolate Truffle Collection, $50.00

Vosges Chicago based founder and chocolatier, Katrina Markoff apprenticed in Spain under Ferran and Albert Adria of the famed El Bulli and her products show the chefs’ influence. The milk chocolate truffles in this box start with 45% cacao deep milk chocolate with caramelized dairy and almond notes. A combination from their Exotic, Aztec, Italian and Groove Collections, these are truly luxurious milk chocolate truffles.

3.Love Cocoa, Milk Praline Chocolate Truffles Heart Box, £10

Founded by James Cadbury, great-great-great grandson of John Cadbury who set up Cadbury, the much-loved British chocolate company 200 years ago, Love Cocoa has several equally delicious truffle selections. Rich milk chocolate truffles made with fresh cream, encased in luxury milk chocolate, and finished with beautiful forked decoration; Hazelnut praline-filled milk chocolate heart truffles, wrapped in red foil, in a pretty heart-shaped box or the boozy option, Milk Champagne Truffles, creamy milk ganache, made with fresh cream and Marc de Champagne, sealed in a single-origin milk chocolate shell and white chocolate stripes.

4.Montezuma’s Dairy Beloved Truffle Collection, £15.99

Sixteen smooth milk chocolate truffles are in the Dairy Beloved box including the bestselling flavors, Milking Maid, Apple Crumble, Secret Squirrel and American Idol. Handmade using ethical, fair trade cocoa in West Sussex since 2000 when Montezuma’s was founded by Helen and Simon Pattinson.

5.Läderach Truffles Marc de Champagne, £29.50

Swiss chocolatier Läderach has been making superb chocolates for over 60 years and has been awarded world’s best chocolatier in the World Chocolate Masters competition in Paris. This delicious box of sixteen delicate Truffles Marc de Champagne (with alcohol) is one of the brand’s most popular gift boxes.

6.Rococo, milk chocolate truffles £21.95

These delicious milk chocolate truffles from a renowned British chocolatier feature rich, velvety ganache centres in a deliciously crisp chocolate shell. Also available with a salted caramel center. The signature pretty Rococo blue and white print box makes these an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day.

7.Highland Chocolatier, Classic Milk Velvet Truffles, £26.95

Master Chocolatier Iain Burnett has created fine, hand-crafted Velvet Truffles for Michelin Star restaurants so it’s no surprise that he’s Scotland’s most awarded Chocolatier. His Velvet Truffles are made with fresh Perthshire cream and a rare island cocoa.The original unenrobed Velvet Truffle, the Classic, is the most awarded of this independent brand’s chocolates. Single origin chocolate expertly balanced with fresh Scottish cream bring out a delicate, naturally occurring caramel-note in the milk chocolate.

8.Cocoa Loco sloe gin truffles, £6.99

Smooth and rich mouthfuls of Sloe Gin and organic milk chocolate create an unusual truffle. Made with a subtle Sloe gin ganache and tumbled in raspberry, these Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Sloe Gin truffles are handmade in West Sussex, UK. Packaging is plastic free, compostable.

9.Prestat Piedmont Gianduja Milk Chocolate Truffles, £21.50

From Prestat, a London chocolatier founded in 1902, Piedmont Gianduja Milk Chocolate Truffles are a tribute to the Italian Hazelnut. Each truffle delicately balances the nutty, the sweet and the creamy.

10.Fortnum &Mason Marc de Champagne Truffles, £28.00

Made in England, these boozy, silky truffles feature an intense center of Marc de Champagne, coated in creamy milk chocolate and finished with a dusting of icing sugar. It’s easy to see why these truffles are bestsellers at Fortnum’s.

11.Norman Love’s custom boxes of milk chocolate truffles, from $20.00

Norman Love Confections was founded by Norman and Mary Love, in Fort Myers, Florida in 2001, after Norman left a long career as executive pastry chef at The Ritz-Carlton. The brand has been named the best premium chocolate company in the United States six times since 2006. Make your own box of truffles from a selection of five or more, with two delicious milk chocolate choices: roasted almond truffle and hazelnut praline truffle.

12.Melt, £34.99 for 18 truffles

Build your own box of luxury milk chocolate truffles from Melt, a superb independent chocolatier whose chocolate kitchens in Notting Hill, London create hand-crafted chocolates in small batches. Also worth noting, their designer boxes have been plastic-free since launching.

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